A Celebration of Writing

11th October 2016

Learning Walk: 11th October


Today I took a walk around school looking for

  •          the impact of trips, visits and visitors on the motivation of children in terms of their writing.
  •          the quality of writing produced as a result of the trip or visit
  •          the progression through writing from talking to planning to drafting to editing to final form.

This term, Year Six have visited Lupton House for a ‘Blitz Experience’ linked to their WW2 topic. They have written postcards to the organisers of this project to reflect on their learning. They have also written in role to describe the experience in the form of a diary entry.

Year Five visited the Anglo Saxon village at Escot to find out more about Life in Anglo Saxon times. The whole school enjoyed M and M ‘s production of Alice in Wonderland – Class Four wrote diaries in role as Alice, and Class  Two are planning to write instructions for how to celebrate an ‘unbirthday.’

Class Three are eagerly awaiting visit from Dr Watters (one of our Governors) who is an expert geologist, to help them find out more about their science work on rocks and soils. They have written questions to ask him, and a follow up trip to Shoalstone beach is planned to check out the rock formation.

Class One took a ride on the steam train to the seaside to support their history work on the Victorians. They have sequenced photos from their trip and are using these to talk through with a before planning and writing a recount.

In all classrooms, writing is celebrated and displays around the elements of writing – spelling, grammar, punctuation and handwriting are part of the learning environment to support independent writing. Word banks linked to topics and themes support adventurous vocabulary choices and accurate spelling.

For every child in every class, a recent piece of writing is displayed in the classroom. This will be updated through the year to show progress – a portfolio on the wall!