Let's Get Cooking

Let's Get Cooking runs on a Monday after school, on a 4 weekly rota with usually 4 children attending at a time. (This is due to space in the room that we use.) 
The children will get to bring home the delicious food that they make, along with the recipe.
You will be notified in advance, when your child's 4 weeks of cooking will commence.


At the moment, I'm not sure how the news that the 'Children's Food Trust' is closing, will affect us at school, as they have, in conjunction with Tesco, help fund the club.  Therefore, please feel free to follow the link, 'cookability app', to enable you and your children to continue to have fun in the kitchen.  

Happy Cooking,




A fantastic legacy

Legacy 1

With great sadness the Children’s Food Trust has announced it is to close. The Trust can reflect on a fantastic legacy having made a genuine and positive contribution to improve children’s health and well-being in the UK.

Chief Executive of the Children’s Food Trust, Linda Cregan, said: “Given the political and economic climate all charities are facing difficulties and we are no different. We remain passionate and dedicated to improving child health but it has proved impossible to continue to deliver our services and extremely reluctantly the Trustees have chosen to close the Trust. It is our priority at this point to speak to all our funders and partners to ensure a smooth transition and a positive legacy.

“We are all very proud of the contribution we have made to the real positive differences in child health in the UK.  We’d like to thank our supporters and staff for their dedication over the past 10 years, without whom, the great strides forwards we’ve made in improving children’s diets simply would not have happened.”

“Because of the frameworks we have put in place in schools and early years settings, over 11 million children have access to better food. Families have benefited immeasurably from our Let’s Get Cooking programme, both from the skills our team have given people and from the recipes and resources made available to them.

“We have contributed hugely to ensuring the environment children grow up in is becoming healthier, by campaigning for measures on advertising unhealthy food, placement in supermarkets and most recently the tax on sugary drinks. Our collaboration with multiple stakeholders to carry out this great work has been incredible, so we ask them now to pick up the baton and not rest up on improving child health.”

Chair of Trustees at the Children’s Food Trust, Adam Starkey, added: “It is with a heavy heart that we have had to make the decision to close the Children’s Food Trust. We can be very proud of the work we have done but there is much more to do. We still face a crisis in child health, now more than ever, work in this area is vital.

“We urge everybody to ensure that action to improve children’s diet and the standard of the food they eat does not lose pace. Government, food producers and food retailers must make a commitment to researching what works, creating approaches and policies that have an impact, and campaigning to change behaviours that get children to eat well.  Investment is needed so that organisations intent on improving child health can pick up the baton and continue our great work.”

If you have enjoyed attending Let's Get Cooking, why not try some of many delicious recipes on Let's Get Cooking At Home.  Recipes are easy to search for, you can make an online recipe book of your favourites, plus they are easy to make.  I hope you enjoy the link! 
If you have made a recipe from the link, why not take a photo of it and I can post it on our Let's Get Cooking page.
Week 4 23.6.2017
It is the last week and the last club session for this academic year.
The cooks made and 'Cheesy Pasta' using all gluten free ingredients.  They had never made a sauce from scratch before and were amazed how quick it was to make!  Well done cooks!
Week 3 - 12.6.2017
This week, the cooks made some fruity scones.  They weighed and measured all their ingredients and carefully shaped them using their hands. Usually, we would roll the dough out, but we used gluten free flour, which is little finer than usual flour.  
As you can see from the photos, they had lots of fun making them!
Week 2 5.6.2017
The cooks made 2 lovely fish pates this week and used their knife skills to make some crudites - carrot and cucumber sticks.  They used mackerel and tuna. They had fun making them and tasting them before they took the remainder home, with a recipe, to try with their families.
Week 1 - 22.5.2017
It's the first week with a new group of cooks.  They made a delicious child friendly version of the popular Spanish drink, Sangria.  They carefully measured the juices and sliced the oranges and grapes, making sure that they were cut length ways, as children can easily choke on grapes.  They topped the jug with sparkling water and couldn't wait to taste it.
Week 4 - 15.5.2017
It's the last week for these lovely cooks and they had decided to make pizza.  They used red pepper, courgettes, carrots and tomatoes for the tomato sauce base, for this healthier version of the takeaway favourite.
They put all the skills that they had learnt over the last 4 weeks to good use.  Well done little chefs! 
Week 3 - 7.5.2017
American Pancakes were on the menu this week.  The cooks all had their jobs to do to prepare the ingredients for the pancakes, which had cheese, sweetcorn and spring onions in.  They carefully mixed the dry and wet ingredients together and fried them on the induction hob.
Week 2 - 24.4.2017
Our lovely cooks wanted to make biscuits this week, so they made cherry and oat cookies.  They all worked so well together and used their new knife skills when slicing the cherry to add add to the mix.  They looked very professional!
Week 1 - 27.4.2017
A brand new week, with a brand new group of cooks.  They learnt how to use a knife safely, using the bridge hold and claw grip.  The cooks practiced this when slicing the fruit for their 'Fruit Kebabs'.  They used melon, strawberries, banana and grapes.  It is REALLY IMPORTANT to slice the grapes length ways to stop children from choking on them.  They then threaded them onto the skewers ready to eat.
Week 4 20.3.2017
Its the last session for Kitty, James and Anneli.  They wanted to make omelette popovers, which is a different take on the traditional omelette.  The ingredients that you add to them can vary and they are ideal for picnics and lunches.  They added sausages and bacon to theirs.  They have all been amazing cooks!
Week 3 - 13.3.2017
The cooks wanted to make scones this week and came to the decision that they'd like to make some cherry ones.
The all had a chance to weigh out their ingredients and revisited the skills that they used in last weeks crumble and made their own scone mix.
They look quite pleased with them!
Week 2 - 7.3.17
Another week and another recipe.  Apple and blackberry crumble.  The cooks used their knife skills to slice the apples and we added an extra ingredient, pear.  They had to try in before adding it to the crumble, which they all decided was tasty and would go nicely in there.  They worked together to make the crumble topping.
Week 1 27.2.2017
It is the first week for yet another group of budding cooks.  We made pancakes.  1.  It is pancake day tomorrow and 2.  It's a good recipe to make so we can have a chat about what food the children like and don't like.  
They all worked brilliantly together and certainly enjoyed eating them at the end.
Week 4 - 20.2.2017
It's the last week for Archie, Kory, Sam and Hannah.  They have all cooked so well together and said they have had a great time.
They made fruity pots which consists of layers of fruit, yogurt and granola.  Once they had prepped all the fruit, mashing it with a fork, they then started to layer it up in the pots, trying hard not to spill it down the sides, so you can see the layers.  
Week 3 - 6.2.2017
It's week 3 and the cooks had decided they'd like to make pizza.  But, this is pizza with a difference. The tomato sauce included carrots, courgettes (luckily I was able to get some at the weekend), onions and baked beans!  
The cooks made their pizza bases, using flour and natural yogurt and they were then ready for the toppings.  The could choose what they wanted to top them with: pepperoni, cheese and/or tuna.  
Week 2 - 30.1.2017
Cheese scones were on the menu today.  The pronunciation of 'scone' was a hot topic whilst they made them! They had to rub the butter and flour together, then add the cheese.  Next was the milk to bind it together. Then the dough was ready to cut out ready for the oven.
They were a little disappointed that they'd have to do the dishes, whilst the scones cooked, but as you can see, they enjoyed it!
Week 1 - 23.1.2017
It's the first week for these cooks.  We started with fruity pancakes, so they could get used to using a knife properly.  They all worked well together and were very pleased with the end results.  They took one up for Miss Saunders to try and she came back and said it was delicious!
Week 4 16.1.2017
It was vegetable stir-fry to finish off this groups sessions.  We had two cooking stations, so everyone had a go at creating this delicious dish.  They had to slice and prepare all the vegetables and other ingredients before they could start cooking.  They all did an excellent job!
Week 3 9.1.2017
The cooks are back after their Christmas break.  They had decided before they broke up that they'd like to make dips and vegetable crudites.  Nicole made an excellent 'Guacamole', Nuala and Ruby made 'Hummus' and Cory and Summer made a delicious 'cheese and chive' dip.  They all put their knife skills to good use, slicing the red peppers, cucumber and carrots into crudites. 
Spanish Food Afternoon - 12.12.2016
Over the last 7 weeks, in their Spanish lessons Year 5 and 6 have been looking at Spanish music, food and culture.  They celebrated all of their hard work with a Spanish Culture afternoon which was held on Monday 12th December in the hall.  This included Flamenco and Salsa dancing and tasting some traditional Spanish food, such as Churros con Chocolate, acietunas y persimmon. (Chocolate  Churros, Olives and Sharon fruit.)
Year 6 created menus with the questions and answers they would need to serve their customers in 'Café Español' and Year 5 created their own question and answer sheets too.
The children were able to express their opinion on which food they liked or didn't like in Spanish.
Week 2 5.12.2016
It's a Christmassy feel in the kitchen this week.  The cooks made some Cranberry Cookies. These delicious cookies have a hint of cinnamon.  They carefully decorated the cookies with white icing and bagged them up in a pretty bag to take home.
Week 1 - 28.11.2016
A new week and a new group.  The cooks made Top Noodle this week, so they could practice their knife skills (Bridge hold and Claw grip.)  
This is a healthier alternative to a Pot Noodle, its fun and easy to make and you can add any vegetables that you like.
Week 4 - 21,11.2016
It was the final week for these creative cooks.  The had decided they'd like to make Jerk Chicken, a Caribbean dish.  We discussed the importance to handling and cooking raw meat.  They each had jobs to do to make this delicious main course together and went home very happy with their food and recipe.
Week 3 - 14.11.16
Chicken, noodle and sweetcorn soup was on the menu this week.  The children worked brilliantly together slicing, keeping an eye on the pans and adding the ingredients when needed.
As you can see, they were all very pleased with the end result!
Week 2 - 7.11.16
It was a tough decision to decide what to cook this week, but the cooks eventually opted for Apple and Blackberry crumble.  They put their newly acquired knife skills - Bridge hold and Claw grip - into practice.
We added oats to the crumble topping to give it an extra crunch and its also a healthier option.  
Week 1 - 31.10.16
It's the start of a new 4 week block, with new cooks.  They made 'spooky' pizzas using the flatbread recipe. The children cut their cheese pieces into something spooky and transformed the olives into a spider.
They then gently grilled them until the cheese was gooey.
Week 4 - 17.10.2016
It is the final week for this group of cooks.  They decided they'd like to make 'Jerk Chicken'. This is a caribbean dish and 'Jerk' means to slowly barbecue meat with spices.  The recipe we used was a quicker way to make this delicious dish.
We chatted about how important it is to wash your hands properly after handling raw chicken and to make sure that it is cooked thoroughly before serving.  The children used a 'hold and slice' to help with slicing the chicken.
Again, they all worked brilliantly together and the aroma coming from the room today, had everyone talking.
Week 3 - 10.10.2016
The cooks had decided to make the 'Eat-well Pizza' this week.  This is a healthier version of the classic pizza.  
The base is made with flour and natural yogurt and the tomato base is packed with extra vegetables.  We were aiming to use something from each food group that you can see on the Eat-well plate.
They were finished off under the grill to melt and brown the cheese.
Week 2 - 3.10.16
It was the second week in the Let's Get Cooking kitchen and again it was a hive of activity.  Apple and Blackberry Crumble was on the menu today.  We had a re-cap on the knife skills, which did prove tricky with the Bramley apples.  
They all had a guess on what ingredients were needed to make the crumble topping.  They worked together creating it, using the rubbing in method.
Unfortunately, we ran out of time to make a delicious homemade custard, so hopefully they will give that a go at home.
Welcome Back - September 2016 -
See above:
A new school year and we welcome new cooks and welcome back to some that have been before.
The cooks that had been before, were able to teach the new ones that knife skills that they learnt.  It was really good to see that they were able to do this and how much they had improved from their last visit to the Let's Get Cooking kitchen.
They each made a healthier version of a Pot Noodle.  They added baby sweetcorn, mange tout and spring onions to noodles, along with some other fresh vegetables and made a lovely sauce with ginger and garlic.
Week 4 - 27.6.16
Well it's the final week for these super chefs.  They have certainly worked really well together, over the last 3 weeks.  Tying in with the football theme (Euro 2016) the cooks had decided to cook Managers Special Pasta.  They each decided what job they'd like to do, and got stuck in.  
Week 3 - 13.6.2016
Fruity muffins were on the menu this week.  The cooks worked well together checking what equipment and ingredients they needed, then working through the method.  They added blueberries, apricots, cranberries and cherries to the mix.  They were surprised that we used sunflower oil instead of butter to make these delicious cakes.
Week 2 -  6.6.2016
Feeling refreshed after the half term break, the cooks were keen to get cooking again. They decided to make Omelette Popvers, which are a cross between an omelette and a pastry-free quiche. Having 6 children in this group, they decided they would have a 'Ready Steady Cook' style cooking session.   So, the 2 teams were up aginst the clock! As you can see from the photos, they all had fun, worked really well together and were really pleased with the end result. They had lots of comments about the delicious smell that was drifting out of the cooking room.
Week 1 - 23.5.2016
A new group of little cooks started this week, a couple of them had been before and were really keen to cook again!  They made a spanish drink called Sangria. This was a non-alcoholic version using grape, orange and grapefruit juice. The children washed, weighed and measured.  The new children were introduced to the bridge and claw hold by the ones that had been before, which was great.  Oranges, apples, lemons, strawberries and grapes were sliced and added to the Sangria.  Eleanor showed us a great way to hull the strawberries using a straw!!
Week 4 - 16.5.2016
Yet another 4 weeks is quickly over.  The cooks had decided that they like to cook a chicken and vegetable pie with a difference.  This pie is topped with creamy mashed potatoes instead of pastry, making it a healthier option. They found peeling the potatoes quite tricky, but they didn't give up! Carys, Megan and Bailey worked together brilliantly and were very pleased with the end result!
All the recipes that they have made over the 4 weeks were GLUTEN FREE.
Week 3 - 9.5.2016
After the Bank Holiday, the cooks were keen to get on with this weeks dish, Fruity World Cups. These are layers of juicy fruit, crunchy granola and creamy yogurt.  They all worked well together, remembering the knife skills to slice the strawberries.  They even got to try one before they went home!
Week 2 25.4.2016
The cooks had decided to make Tasty Tomato Bruschetta.  They  remembered the knife skills to use and worked well together creating this healthy starter/lunch time snack. As you can see, they had as much fun washing the dishes and cleaning up, as they did making the delicious dish!
Week 1 - 18.4.2016
Another group started their sessions of Lets Get Cooking today.  Unfortunately a couple of the children couldn't make it, but some pupils who enjoyed it so much last year, have come back again!
We made fresh fruit kebabs, where they could recap the knife skills that they learnt last time.  It was very tempting not to taste the fruit as they were cutting, as it smelt delicious.
They looked very pleased with the end result!
Week 4 21.3.16
It was the last week for these lovely cooks.  They decided to make Thai Green Curry and Pilau Rice.  They couldn't wait to take it home to share with their family!
Week 3 - 14.3.16
Seeing that it is the run up to Easter, the girls decided to make Hot Cross Buns.  They were excited to find out how to make the crosses on the top.  As you can see, they wanted to be a little more creative and put initials on, instead of crosses, to give to someone special.
Week 2 - 7.3.2016
The cooks made pizza using flatbread as the dough.  They were surprised that you only needed 3 ingredients to make the base.  The topping were put on after the base had been cooked, then it was put into the oven to melt the cheese. Delicious!
29.2.2016 - Week 1
It's week 1 for another group of cooks.  We always start with a fairly easy recipe, so we get the chance to chat about food, to find out what they like to eat and cook and to introduce the knife skills that they will need, not only during Let's Get Cooking, but hopefully to keep on using in the future.
22.2.2016 - Week 4
It's week 4 already and the cooks had decided to make gingerbread.  What they didn't know, was that there was a twist!  They replaced some of the flour with cocoa powder and they used orange juice to bind it together.  As you can see, they worked really well together and were very pleased with the end result.
8.2.16 - Week 3
The Let's get Cooking team are carrying on with their 'Oriental' theme.  This week they made Veggie Crackers.  A healthy alternative to the Spring/Pancake roll. They used filo pastry, which becomes lovely and crispy when cooked filled with some crunchy chinese vegetables in a chow mein sauce and made it to look like a cracker.
1.2.2016 - Week 2
The cooks are keen to cook chinese food, on the run up to 'The Chinese New Year', so Chicken Noodle Soup was on the menu this week.  It's a fairly easy soup to make, using onions and celery as a base, then adding the stock, chicken, noodles and sweetcorn.  Saving the best til last, according to Gethin, seasoning it with soy sauce.  They were very pleased with the end result! 
25.1.2016 - Week 1
It's the 1st week of cooking for Alfie, Gethin, Summer and Nuala.  They made apple pancakes, using the claw method when slicing the apples.  This gave us a chance to chat about the food they like and what they'd like to cook over the next few weeks.
Week 4 - 18.1.2016
Its the final week already for Issy, Evie and John.  Sadly Fraser was poorly.  They made Chicken dippers with sweet potato wedges.  The chicken was double coated in polenta instead of breadcrumbs. Whilst the chicken and the sweet potatoes were cooking, they rustled up a sour cream and chive dip to go with them.
11.1.2016 week 3
 Fraser,  John, Issy and Evie were raring to go after the Christmas break.  They had decided to make tomato soup.  Although some of them admitted they didn't like soup, they tried it and agreed that it was delicious and we're glad that they tasted it.
Week 2 - 7.12.2015
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Let's Get Cooking this week. The children turned their Cranberry and Orange Muffins into looking like Christmas puddings!  They had fun rolling out the icing, making holly leaves and berries to transform the muffins!  They had lots of fun and did get a little messy.  Were they going to share them with anyone? That was the tough decision to make! 
30.11.2015 - Week 1
It's the start of another 4 week block.  The new cooks, Evie, Issy, Fraser and John, were very excited to start their sessions today.
They made summer fruit kebabs, using melon, strawberries, satsumas and grapes.  
Week 4 - 23.11.2015
It is the final week for Lucy, Archie, Evie and Louis. Pesto pasta was on the menu today. They made their own pesto using chick peas instead of pine nuts, for a more subtle flavour and added that to the pasta which also included some of their five a day!
Over the last few weeks, they have learnt a range of skills - using a knife, blending, mixing and weighing, which hopefully they will carry on using.  
9.11.2015 - Week 3
The cooks had decided they'd like to bake gingerbread this week.  They worked collaboratively, sharing  the responsibility of reading the method and measuring out the ingredients.  We also talked about liquids and solids! 
The focus this week was rubbing in and using your fingers, like sprinkling magic dust.
As you can see, they had lots of fun making and decorating their gingerbread shapes and cleaning up afterwards.
The cooks were raring to go this week, after the half term week. They had decided to make tomato soup.  We recapped on the knife skills.  After preparing and cooking the soup, they added some fresh basil (giving it an Italian taste) before using the hand blender to turn it from a chunky soup into a smooth one. Archie, Lucy and Evie had a little taste, they all agreed it was delicious. Archie couldn't get enough!! Luckily they all had a pot of it to take home, along with the recipe, so they can make it again. 
It's the start of another 4 weeks of cooking, this time for Lucy, Archie, Evie and Louis. 
We went over the importance of knife skills and how to use a knife. 
They made a tropical fruit salad using fresh ingredients, including mango (which we turned into a hedgehog) and how lemon juice can be used to stop bananas and apples from going brown.
12.10.2015 - Week 4
Today was the last session for  Roma, Ruby and Fergus.  They had decided to make cherry and choc chip muffins.
They used the knife skills that we had been learning over the last few weeks such as chopping up cherries.  
They cooked these delicious muffins in a mug using the microwave! It is a quick way of making a tasty treat.
28.09.2015  Week 2
The Cooks decided to make Tomato Soup this week.  They used fresh and tinned tomatoes for this delicious soup and used the knife skills last week on other vegetables in the soup.
They make an excellent team, working well together!  Photos to follow.
21.09.2015  Week 1
Lets get cooking club will be a hive of activity over the next few months, as lots of children are keen to learn how to cook healthy and tasty meals.
We started of this week making a 'Tropical Fruit Salad'  Fergus and Robert were amazed at how you prepare a mango!
It's the final of Let's Get Cooking for Donnie, Emily and Jessica.  Sadly, Ricco wasn't able to attend this week, as he wasn't feeling very well.
They had already decided to cook 'Chilli Enchilladas'. They all worked really well as a team, making sure they all had a go at preparing, slicing and stirring.  
The delicious aroma of the Enchilladas, wafted into after school club, making them very hungry.
Carrying on with the 'Mexican Theme', we adapted an original lets get cooking recipe to fit this.  The children made Lime and Raspberry 'cup-cakes.' 
We used the microwave to cook the cakes in a cup or mug.  It was certainly a lot quicker than using the oven.  The children were amused at watching them rise! 
Jessica said 'These are soooo delicious!' Ricco, Donnie and Emily agreed.
Another 4 week block of cookery lessons comes to an end.  The children can now cook a 3 course Italian meal.  Over the last few weeks, they have made Apple Pancakes,  Tomato Soup, Tiramisu and Calzones.  Georgina, Nathaniel, Daniel and Charlie said 'We have really enjoyed our time at 'Lets Get Cooking''  and they have enjoyed putting their skills to good use, by cooking at home too! 
Another group of children started 'Lets Get Cooking' today.  Apple pancakes were on the menu.  The children were taught the bridge hold and the claw grip, which is a safe way to use a knife in the kitchen and put it into action when preparing the apples to go into the pancakes.
They all agreed that the pancakes were delicious and couldn't wait to make them again at home!
The children decided to celebrate 'Chinese New Year' by cooking  Sweet and Sour Chicken with egg fried rice for their final week.  They seemed to really enjoy making this dish! 
19.1.15 - Week 2
It was Carrot and Coriander Soup on the menu today. The children used the knife skills that they learnt last week to make this yummy soup!!
Another keen group started 'Lets get Cooking' this week after the Christmas break.  They made pancakes with bananas.  Our focus this week was the 'bridge and claw' holds when using a knife.
Some of the children that have attended Let's Get Cooking, helped with selling 'Rock in a Pot' at this years Christmas Fair.  This was to promote the club and to also raise money to keep the club going.  
The children from Year 6, helped to make up the pots of ingredients that would make some tasty Rock Cakes, wrap them and attach a recipe.
Monday 24th November
Another 4 weeks, has quickly passed.  This group have enjoyed making a range of food, including Christmas Cranberry and Orange Muffins and Managers Special Pasta.  They all agreed that they've had a great time.  Bailey said 'The worst thing about Lets Get Cooking, is that it's come to an end!'
Monday 3rd November 2014.
The start of another 4 week block of Let's Get Cooking.  Megan, Nayanna, Corey and Bailey made Amercian pancakes with Vanilla apples. Some of them were even gluten free! We learnt how to hold a knife properly, using the bridge and claw holds.  The pancakes were very tasty!! 
Monday 20th October 2014
Thomas, Logan, Alex, Shakira and Cheyenne have cooked some tasty food during their time, including. Carrot and Coriander soup and Thai Green Curry.