International Partnerships

Silver Bells School first visited the Brixham C of E Primary school in 2003. This visit initiated the partnership between the two schools, which is growing stronger each year.

Brixham C of E Primary School is a partner of SilverBells School in Ghaziabad which is near Delhi in central India. The British Council sponsored the teachers’ exchange programme. From 2003 onwards many teachers from both sides of the globe have benefited from this experience. In alternate years, two or three staff members travel to India from Brixham, to spend time working with children at Silver bells. They experience the culture and traditions of life in India, and are able to share this with children on their return to school.

Likewise, Indian teachers visiting Brixham experience the culture of an English school. They bring with them a richness of experiences around understanding faith, culture and traditions, which they are able to share with our children and staff.

Mutual respect and understanding has created a strong bond of friendship between the two schools. Mrs Sethi & Mrs Raina visited Mrs Easter and her staff in Brixham in June 2010 to discuss the possibility of further interaction in the years to come.

The visit was successful and the partnership  now stands at a new threshold and it continues to grow and flourish. 



Journey of a Bear
Devon, the travelling bear, is off to India with Mrs Easter ! 
Follow his journey and see if you can trace his route on a globe, atlas or find his location on Google Earth.
Tonight he is waiting at Heathrow in London; tomorrow he lands in Delhi. 
February 5th 2016
Our friend, Mrs Easter, is off to India tomorrow! She will be visiting Silver Bells School for part of her trip, so she will pass on the warm wishes sent from Brixham C of E.
In her suitcase she will also have a collection of letters, for the pupils of Silver Bells, written by children from our school, introducing themselves, describing where they live, explaining their school day and asking some questions of their new friends in India. 
We are looking forward to receiving replies from Silver Bells, so that we can further develop our links with our partner school.
A link to the school website below will give you the opportunity to find out more about the school.